Trying to grasp a single shell,
Seaweed fronds, to secure the moment
To avoid the flight of time
Stores both infinite joy and sorrow
As if whistling alone in dark woods

But the splendour of the sea alone
Can never prove memory enough
To return the warmth of the day
We shared, hand in hand, and
Of you in the Winter sunlight


The Dryad and The Sea

There was once a Dryad sprite, gentle, kind and dressed all in leafy green, who lived in an ancient wood on a hill.  Below the hill stretched a sea shore, long and sandy, where she liked to gather sea-shells to make her woodland glade even more beautiful.

She loved most of all though, listening to the song of the waves as they kissed the shore and drew back with a long sigh.  She would walk the shore on moonlit nights looking at the stars and listening to the waves, and collecting shells.

The Sea saw her strolling by and all at once fell in love with her radiant beauty.  He guided her into the surf where in the moonlight her leafy garments shimmered with a silvery glow.  The Sea caressed her gently with warm waves and drew her closer to him.  Before she knew her silvern leaves shimmered an iridescent blue and turned to scales and she found herself swimming along with The Sea, her mermaid’s tail delighting her as she sped through the waves.

For many nights she swam, caressed and loved by The Sea for she had his heart, and he treasured his beautiful mermaid.  But then one day she realised that she missed her woods with all their changing seasons and she knew Spring was nearly here.  One moonless night while The Sea slumbered she came to the shallows, her scales faded and she stepped ashore and walked back to her woodland glade.

The Sea awoke and knew at once that she had gone.  In a heart-broken rage he thundered and crashed against the shore, pounding the sand and stones and calling for her.  But she was deep in the woodland and didn’t hear his cry.    The Sea returned again and again but she was never there.   Many days passed and at last the hot Summer sun beat down and carried The Sea’s tears up into the skies where they joined as clouds and moved across the land.

Passing over the wood they began to fall as silent Summer rain, splashing down and giving the leaves a shiny coating.  The Dryad felt the tears and knew where they were from.  She realised she missed her gentle lover with his strong arms and soft kisses.  That night when the full moon shone she returned to the softly calling Sea and they became as one.  From that day on, whenever the full moon shines, the woods lose their elfin sprite and The Sea holds his Mermaid love in his arms once more.