Other Skies

A cold, cold night.  Bitterly cold

I’m by my frosty car, and look up

At a black velvet sky pierced with

Brilliant diamonds clustering above


Where is my Arrakis?  Dancing for

The Pleione, light years away

My Sudalbari brings good news, but

Alas my dearest love is far, far away


My mind wanders amongst the

Distant light straining to hear

Athena calling her hunting dogs

But all is silent around me……….



Apart after so many days together

Where have you gone my travelling cloud

Moving over fields anew, but thinking

I will not forget to come back

Though Summer is coming to an end

And Autumn’s seas are cold and grey


We walk without immediately

Beginning to talk together

A sharp wind stirs the tree tops

With a rustle, like a sigh

Which hangs in the Winter air

Before falling back to silence


I look unseen at your wind-blown hair

Delighting in your unconscious beauty

You are looking, as always, at the wild scene

And the wilderness is looking back at you

Knowing when the Spring comes

The sea will be bluer than the skies above