Just Daisies

I thought, I know!  I’ll cut the grass!
Tried to start the trusty mower
It seemed reluctant, coughed and spluttered
Didn’t want to go today

I paused and thought and looked about
A million Daisies smiled and nodded
Clean joyous faces, bright and wide
For whom my youngest child was named

Small honey bees paid courtly visits
Bowing, dipping all around
Then flying home their breeches laden
With all the booty they had found

I quietly put the mower back
I sat and paused with old Earl Grey
I watched the cycle of the flowers
The grass can wait another day


Spring to Summer

“Oh, do leave the snowdrop there, put it by my bedside table.”
The snow though piles against the walls
Do you feel cocooned or trapped

Dreaming, moving from room to room
Looking for lost children
Waking to find the snowdrift of our bed

Easels on the sand, watery smears of blue and green
Prussian and Cobalt Blue, Viridian and Terre Verte
Skies indistinguished from Seas below

Sitting beneath a big Beech tree in wicker chairs
Flimsy, floaty dress and big straw hat
I tilt it up, and kiss you softly on the cheek

The peppery sweet perfume of Pinks
The heady smell of new mown grass
The mower cuts its swathe

A long hot summer beckons
Barefoot in the grass
Lost in love those Winter thoughts