Wishing at Christmas

Though I’d so like to have you here in my arms

At this time of year with love all around

It’s foolish to think to add even more

With a lovely new baby all safe and sound

I thought of your voice, then sat back and smiled

At the beautiful emptiness of what I was wishing

The true gift of love is to see what you have

And not think a moment of what you are missing


Star Gazing

I look up into the clear night sky
Hoping to see you amongst unmoving stars
The Plough just above the horizon
Pointing up from Major to Minor
And then Polaris to guide you home
Safely past the Dragon of the firmament
Draco, with his flaming tail; with Orion
As your guardian, with belt and shining sword
Do you fly as Pegasus?  Alpheratz so proudly
Winged with silver mane untamed
But no.  You are Virgo, Demeter’s child
We do not see you ’til the Spring returns
East in the late evening, Corvus as your guide
Your feet on the horizon, bounty still in hand
I still wait, I still gaze, I still miss you so


When we first saw her
As still as the willow
She watched the bright water
Making songs o’er the stones
Then she was off, a small
Brown fletched arrow
Skimming the water
And darting away
But she returned
Patiently waiting
Til sighting more fish
Sped her rapid wings
We silently watched her
Over the stream
Our own tiny huntress
Our Alcyon Artemis
At one with the river
As we were for those days
The silent companion
Who shared our retreat


Apart after so many days together

Where have you gone my travelling cloud

Moving over fields anew, but thinking

I will not forget to come back

Though Summer is coming to an end

And Autumn’s seas are cold and grey


We walk without immediately

Beginning to talk together

A sharp wind stirs the tree tops

With a rustle, like a sigh

Which hangs in the Winter air

Before falling back to silence


I look unseen at your wind-blown hair

Delighting in your unconscious beauty

You are looking, as always, at the wild scene

And the wilderness is looking back at you

Knowing when the Spring comes

The sea will be bluer than the skies above

Going Slowly Into The Light

One finds in every love a pure clear light

Celestial in its beauty, like moonlight on snow

Its radiance takes away our doubts and fears

Opening the space between two souls


At our journey’s end where these truths lie

We can speak those things unsaid to all

Those words we lack courage to say

That we are all the world to each other


The pity is we fear we are too vulnerable

We travel slowly towards the light

But where its silvery brilliance falls

At last it is the gift of angels

Listening to the waves

seventh wave

I sometimes seek a strange detachment

A pretence that I never knew you

Then the sea pounds through me

A racing pulse, sounding the

Deep scales of the breakers

Then you are there once more

The waves even dream the future

I realise that I miss you so

That I really fear to keep you

Flooding my heart all the time

But, of course, I then recall

The seascape is a source of joy

Where I can see your face before me

Smiling with those impish eyes

And know that pretence was in vain

Night into Day

The closing of the day
Holds more Autumn than Summer
Low sun hidden by thunder cloud

The light finds that moment at Dusk
When, though you can see,
The luminosity is lost

Its absence turns all colours down
Stealing greenness from the trees
Red from the roses and pink from the sky

Then from the monochrome
A lightning ray escapes and flees
And all the world is reborn

Houses show a rain-clean face
Puddles glister like new coins
The grass shows green again

A herald of tomorrows dawn
The night descends abashed
Knowing that his cloak is torn

All My Own Words?

You can’t be faint hearted and wear your heart on your sleeve
So come what may, though I may have seen better days
Knowing in my heart of hearts that love is blind
I shall not fear the green eyed monster, for goodness’ sake
For the world is my oyster, a brave new world
Not a Fool’s Paradise, but a foregone conclusion
The long and the short of it, though I may have passed
My salad days, and it’s no more cakes & ale for me
What’s done is done, fair play, I have my hearts content
A dish fit for the gods, for ever and a day
As merry as the day is long, pure as the driven snow
With heart of gold, so no more wild goose chase for me
I’ll not sleep one wink, with bated breath, and fancy free
Even at the turning of the tide, the truth will out,
A sea change will lead us to our primrose path,
Under the greenwood tree, to sleep, perchance to dream
Such stuff as dreams are made on, as good luck would have it
Dear girl, the game is up!  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
In case you get up in arms, I’m not responsible for the Italics here.  Though they may make your hair stand on end,( a sorry sight), don’t be in a pickle, or vanish into thin air, my night owl.  They’re Shakespeare’s fault!
They might be too much of a good thing, but the naked truth is I thought as a piece of work they’d break the ice, but what’s done is done, woe is me, the course of true love never did run smooth……………………………

A Precious Light

Purple Loosestrife posing, waving, in the sun
Meteor, forlorn, its wings so sadly clipped
Bound to Earth and envious of the bounding sky above
Down, down, they go, bright and precious lights passed by
Gone, resigned to earth those stars that once led all our dreams
But not forgotten, tears as always saying more than words.
Loves feed the rose whose fragrance sears the memory
Loves source the taste that echoes in the mind
Love warms the heart that fears the searing cold
A lover’s warmth that comes with a caress
Unspoken longings, wings no longer furled,
Just striving for a love that’s nearly known
The flower sends its scent, beguiling senses
More precious though than any rose
The light of love that filled your eyes today