The Tree

I remember you. Not when you were young of course

First seen in Winter cold and bare but forever there

Passing the years, strong, stable, marker of my youth

I leaned my bike against you one Spring I remember

Sitting to eat my sandwiches, cheese they were, what else


The grass blew left and right, but you scarcely moved

Unfolding tight bunched blossom until your limbs were white

Then shading leaves in Summer heat, cooled and sheltered me

Hot and weary from chasing a girl, that I never did catch

Telling myself (liar!) that the pursuit wasn’t worth it anyway


Are the birds still roosting high amongst your branches

Safe from harm and raising new families that whirl and swoop

Do other new adventurers resting from their ride, think that

They’re are the first to find you, sharing kisses in your bower

Never imagining that I too was sitting there many years ago