Mascarpone di Frutta

A simple but delicious way of making a boring fruit salad into a real treat!

I always use seasonal fruit and, as far as possible, local grown and/or organic, but Kiwis, Melons and Pineapples don’t [yet!] grow in the UK, so indulge yourself a little!

If available fresh English Strawberries, hulled of course and halved if large; Pears and Apples, cored & cut into largish chunks; Peaches and/or Nectarines stoned & cut as before. Kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced thick; A small melon, using the sweetest centre flesh in chunks; Black or White grapes halved.  A glassful of fresh orange juice; 1 1/2 oz brown sugar; 2 tbsp of organic runny honey; small tub of Mascarpone; 10/12 fresh picked Mint leaves [I transplant supermarket mint plants into terracotta pots and stand them in saucers of gravel, water the gravel, the plants take what they want, and last for a year at least!]

Warm the OJ and dissolve the sugar in it.  Pour over the mixed fruit in a shallow bowl and leave for 20 mins.  Mix the honey with the mascarpone.  Serve the fruit into individual bowls and put a large dollop of mascarpone on each.  Pick mint leaves, and roughly tear, then decorate the mascarpone topping with them.

Buono Appetito!


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